“Fantastic of Miki” kennel is located in Mokrin,  Kikinda municipality (100 km from Novi Sad and 140 km from Belgrade), near by Special Nature Reserve “Pastures of Great Bustard”.

“Fantastic of Miki” kennel is officially registered in February 2007, under number FCI 4578.  But, dedication and work with dogs last much longer. We breed and train hunting dogs for more than two decades. During these 25 years, many beauty and working champions came from our kennel. “Fantastic of Miki” kennel is a home of Junior European Winner 2007, Junior World Winner 2009, Junior European Winner 2010, two European Winners 2010, Absolute and Junior World Winner 2011, European Winner 2012, Junior World Winner 2013, Junior European Winner and Vice European Winner 2014, Vice Junior World Winner 2015, European Winner 2016… We are not stopping here!! 🙂

In breeding our goal is to breed healthy, versatile dogs with the correct exterior. Intelligent, brave, confident dogs, with the stable character, irreplaceable helpers in hunt of all kind of games, but also an equal member of the owners family and a wonderful pet!